Robin Hood Finance Limited

mission statement

Richard Senior (r) addressing a conference in November, 2007.

Robin Hood took from the rich and gave to the poor. The purpose of Robin Hood Finance Ltd. is, in the same vein, to take from the markets and give to the customer.

Robin Hood Finance (RHF) provides structured finance & securitisation expertise focussed on:

  • advice on structured finance. This can be on individual deals or books of assets;
  • the efficient (re-)negotiation, structuring and execution of deals;
  • training/seminars on structured finance and securitisation. RHF has done this for public- and private-sector entities.

RHF specialises in structured finance & securitisation advisory work, and has advised on transactions including several trade receivables deals; car loans; risk management for two large European banks; new product development; and advised a Sparkasse on risk transfer. RHF has advised on the successful refinancing of a factoring company (not, in this case, by securitisation!) and a servicer evaluation by a rating agency.

On the training side, RHF has worked for public sector entities including a European regulator, as well as large US and French banks, and has run several 1-day seminars for Skillnets in Ireland. Richard Senior was pleased to be the first tutor on the “Post-Graduate Diploma in Securitisation” course at the Dublin Institute of Technology, which began in 2007. He has also prepared and presented courses on behalf of external companies such as DC Gardner and Marcus Evans.

Background of Robin Hood Finance