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Training More Important Post-Crisis
Senior management have become aware that they need to understand for themselves the risks on their books. A Dec 2008 report by various trade associations had as a key recommendation:“Establish and enhance educational programs aimed at directors and executives with oversight over securitized and structured credit groups, as well as at investors with significant exposure to these products”.

Benefits of Training
“Knowledge is Power”. At all levels in an organisation, it is vital to have the right knowledge in order to make key strategic decisions, particularly in the light of volatile market conditions. How many cases have there been of firms missing an opportunity because someone internally did not understand it…but the competition did!
A small investment in training now can pay huge dividends over time.

The RHF Approach
We are happy to offer training and seminars on most aspects of structured finance and securitisation, from beginners’ guides and refreshers to more technical areas.
The RHF approach is firmly based on many years of experience in setting up and growing businesses. We always bear in mind the implications for the business, whether it is the use of securitisation to increase efficiency in the business as it is, or to develop new approaches to beat the competition.


Some topics:

  1. The credit crunch-what went wrong and what are the opportunities?
  2. Basics of securitisation
  3. What is happening in the markets?
  4. How can Medium-Sized Banks benefit from Securitisation?
  5. Trade receivables securitisation
    (also other asset classes e.g. RMBS, CMBS, CDO, Leases…)
  6. Securitisation for SMEs
  7. Non-Performing Loans
  8. True Sale vs Synthetic Securitisation
  9. Portfolio Analysis and Due Diligence

Case Studies

  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Securitisation
    This new course began at the Dublin Institute of Technology for the 2007-8 academic year. Richard Senior was the first tutor on this course, and was instrumental in designing key parts of the syllabus.
  • European Regulator
    Regulator saw a requirement for staff at all levels to have a grounding in the basics of securitisation. RHF designed and presented several days of training for the regulator.
  • Reinsurer
    One of the world’s largest reinsurers was considering entering a particular sector of the securitisation market. They contacted RHF, and requested a seminar on this topic. This was duly designed and delivered to the absolute satisfaction of the reinsurer.
  • Large US Bank
    Bank requested RHF to design and present a 1-day course for non-specialists, giving both the basics of the market and, importantly, the world post-August 2007. This has been delivered several times, and the bank has requested more training days.
  • Services Company
    Services company, part of a rated multinational group, asked RHF to provide training for staff so that they had a broader understanding of the securitisation market as it affected their business. RHF has subsequently been retained for several other projects by this company.
  • European Software Company
    Software company had proprietary software used for one particular aspect of securitisation. RHF was asked to develop and run a seminar based around the question as to whether they could profitably expand into other areas of securitisation. This has now fed into their business planning.
  • Skillnets
    Skillnets is a body which exists to enhance the skills of people working in Ireland. Skillnets approached RHF, which designed a 1-day course which has proved extremely popular, and has been repeated several times.
  • European lawyers
    Firm of lawyers in a jurisdiction popularly used for securitisation vehicles asked RHF to develop and deliver a series of seminars starting with the basics of securitisation, with a view to identifying strategic opportunities for the firm.

Documents (PDF)

Practical Securitisation
Mastering Advanced Asset Securitisation
Trade Receivables
Skillnets 2008